Brand New Mini Stun Gun Offers Powerful Punch

Everybody I am sure has watched Cops before and seen those videos of out-of-control “bad guys” and seen them get shocked or tased by either a stun gun or a taser. Or, for any 24 fans out there we all say Jack shock President Logan in an attempt to subdue him and get him off of the helicopter. Well, the problem with most stun guns today is that although they are pretty small, you may want them just a little bit smaller. Maybe something just a little easier to carry around with you is all you would want. That time has come. The new kid in town is here. Introducing The Runt Stun Gun.

Everyone has seen the Stun Master’s and what they look like. The new Runt Stun Gun is easily concealable and it will fit virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man. This allows your attacker to approach with no fear. The element of surprise is the key here. Your attacker will drop to his knees and will never see it coming.

The reason for this sudden surprise and drop comes from the technology that The Runt possesses. It uses new cutting edge micro-technology that allows it to deliver unprecedented power from a palm sized weapon. It contains three voltage levels so you can choose how much you need to use. I would recommend choosing the level based on your own size and how much more power you would need to subdue a man two or three times your size.

The Runt is perfect for all women or men of all sizes and is available in 350k, 650k, and 950k volts. This selection of voltage will allow people to get the kind of voltage they are looking for. At 950k volts, this is hands down one of the most powerful stun guns on the market today.

Balancing Your Home And Business Life Without Having Super Powers

For moms who work from home, balancing the home and business sides of their lives can feel downright impossible, especially when the reason they began working from home was so they could spend more time with family. However, many home businesses actually fail because moms don’t manage to balance business and home life. How can you juggle your family’s needs, your business needs and occasionally find some time for your needs without being a super hero?

The first thing any mom should do to achieve balance is to get the family involved. If your children and husband support you, you will find that they interrupt less often and are more likely to pitch in to get household chores done. You’re probably thinking that will happen the day the moon turns to blue cheese, right? However, if you mention that you need to get a major project done and will be able to buy a pizza and rent a video when you are paid, you may be surprised at how quickly everyone pitches in to help out.

If you have young children, they may not be able to understand the concept of waiting for a reward. To get your younger children involved, try explaining what you are doing in very simple terms and having them help you. Set up a small desk or table for your toddlers and add crayons and paper so they can help you with your work by drawing some pictures or writing a letter. Children that are a bit older can put stamps on envelopes and seal them, paperclip papers together or do other simple organizational tasks.

Of course, no matter how supportive your family and friends are, they are not going to be happy if you work 15 hours a day. Make sure that you ask for uninterrupted time to do your job or run your business, but also make sure that you schedule time for your family and friends. While you are making up that schedule, don’t forget your significant other. If you sit at your computer all evening after the children are tucked away for the night, you may end up with some serious relationship issues!

Once your family and friends are involved and you’ve scheduled time for them in your life, it is time to consider a few ways to make the most of your valuable work time. While you may be tempted to work non-stop during the time you have dedicated to your business, you should actually try to take some breaks. Taking a half-hour walk or having lunch away from your desk can really help you recharge your mind and keeps your body from growing stiff and tired. When you sit back down, you can do so with a clearer view of your goals and fresh energy and focus.

Also, don’t be afraid to make a “to do” list for your business. Write the four or five items you absolutely must do on your list and promise yourself that you will get them done before you visit your favorite forums or check your email. This can really help you get more work accomplished in less time.

So, although you may not have super powers, you can still have a home life, a business life and some time for yourself. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath, ask your family for some help and try out a few of these great ideas for balancing your life.

Back Hair Laser Removal

Are you a victim of back hair? Does your wife or girlfriend cringe when you take off your shirt? There may be help for you with laser back hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a trend that is sweeping the country. With improvements in laser technology, these procedures are safer and less expensive than ever, and the results are longlasting. Most treatments use a very low level laser that is targets the affected area. The energy of the laser enters the pigment in the hair and causes the shaft to heat up, killing the hair. The follicle is also rendered ineffective, stunting new hair growth. Although the hair follicle deactivated, the surrounding skin is unharmed by the procedure.

Of course, this treatment has many applications for men and women, but one of the most popular is back hair laser removal. Previously, men had to undergo painful waxing, smelly dilapitory chemicals or shaving their backs to eliminate the hair that so many women find distasteful.

Of course, the type and amount of hair will determine how much your procedure costs. Darker or olive skinned patients will require more treatments than natural blondes, and hair thickness and density varies widely. Different lasers are even used to treat different skin color groups, so be sure to ask if your treatment center can handle your needs. Prices typically start at about $200-225, but back hair laser removal can run much higher, due to the larger area being treated. You should also expect to return for several treatments, as hair is removed in certain parts of the growth cycle only.

Although it may seem initially expensive, back hair removal using laser treatments is actually cost effective in the long run. Typically the hair does not regrow, and most centers offer touch ups for the few that do, as part of the package. If your back hair is an embarrassing problem, invest in yourself and try hair laser removal for your back!

Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding – Myths and facts

Excessive vaginal discharge in addition to your regular menstrual cycle could be quite troublesome if proper care is not being taken by you. This bleeding occurs from the vagina during menstrual periods but is heavier than normal discharge.

Abnormal bleeding of the vagina is caused due to factors such as intake of contraceptive pills causing bleeding during normal periods, hormonal problems produced by thyroid, pituitary glands, and ovaries. Other sexually transmitted diseases are caused by infections of the vagina, uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. A miscarriage is caused by a heavy period after one missed period of a woman.

If you face heavy bleeding in between your normal periods that do not lasts for a long time then it is not necessary that you have some critical disease. This might be caused due to scars, tumors, fibroids or growth of abnormal tissue on the cervix but regular prolonged heavy vaginal bleeding needs attention. You should get proper check up because sometimes it might be due to growths in the uterine lining which may or may not be cancer.

Sometimes such bleeding is caused by injury to the vagina or reproductive tract during surgery or rape or when the tampon is stuck in the vagina. Bleeding disorders that affect the whole body such as leukemia can also cause abnormal vagina bleeding. If fever, abdominal pain, mucus substances along with vaginal bleeding persists then it could be an infection.

Vaginal discharge usually results from abnormal passages between organs due to injuries caused during childbirth, accidents or surgery. Vaginal discharge usually occurs because of infection causing itching, burning and painful urination. It is not necessary that all infections are sexually transmitted diseases and might be due to other causes like inflammation of the vagina due to hole in the vagina, pelvic inflammatory diseases, genital herpes,

Bobs And Short Haircuts

Bobs and short haircuts for women made their debut in the 1920s and were greeted with raised eyebrows and allegations of scandal. Since then, bobs and short haircuts for women have become permanent fashion fixtures and are here to stay. Bobs and short haircuts can be quite easy to manage and can look appropriate for any occasion, depending on how they are shaped and styled.

The classic bob was a blunt cut that made the hair the same length as the ears all around (except the front, of course) with a hint of curl formed by old-fashioned curlers. Today, there are as many bobs and short haircuts as there are types of women who wear them, and the famous bob has evolved to fit almost every fashion requirement.

Styling bobs and short haircuts can be quite simple, since there is less hair to work with. However, trying an unfamiliar style also has its challenges, and sometimes patience and trial and error are required before creating the perfect look.

· For a classic, blunt bob, make the hair straight all around, and ask the stylist for bangs. Using gel, comb your wet hair straight as you blow dry. Spray it well.

· For a Pageboy bob: Use a wide-barrelled curler and curl the back of your hair and bangs under. Wait for the curls to cool, and brush gently, encouraging the large curls, with a large, round brush. Spray well.

· For a flip bob: If you like the mostly straight bob with a little flip in or out at end, use a flat iron to make most of your hair straight, and make your hair flip in or flip out at the ends by twisting inch wide sections around the flat iron.

· Kinky bob: If you do not have naturally curly hair, create curls using wacky curlers or by using a narrow-barrelled curling iron. Leave the curlers in your hair for at least a half and hour and blow your hair dry, or, using a curler, wind your hair around the iron in one-inch wide sections. Use a pick to arrange your curls and spray well.

· Layered Bob: If your hair is layered, and you would like a soft, natural looking bob, rinse out your conditioner well and work mousse through your wet hair. Dry well, using your fingers to style your hair and twist some strands of hair for extra wave.

· Super glossy bob: This look is great for formal events. Use shampoo and conditioner specially designed to bring out the sheen in your hair. Sculpt wet hair with gel and brush straight. Blow dry on a low setting, and finish with a hair spray that will make your hair very shiny.

· Super short bob: Paris Hilton sported this bob shortly before getting her hair sheared. This bob requires very little maintenance. The hair should be cropped close to the face. Use a little mousse to give the hair a bit of volume. You needn’t worry about making the bob very curly or very straight, since this is a natural looking hairdo. Simply use mousse, coax your hair into the desired style with a brush as you blow it dry.

· Emo bob: Although emo’s claim to ignore fashion, the bob has hit even the emo crowd. Cut your hair into a blunt cut with scissors. Don’t worry if the ends are not exactly even. Dye your hair black and add red or frosted highlights if you wish.

Bobs and short haircuts can create a very “sweet” look. A short haircut that has as much sass and elegance as a bob is the “pixie” look. This hairstyle is great if you have an oval face and want soft bangs that emphasize your eyes. The back is cut in the shape of a wedge, and more hair is left at the top. The bangs can be curled under or combed straight. A little curl is quite feminine and brings out the eyes.

The Best Guide on Wedding Ring Design

The round state of wedding bands has spoken to for a considerable length of time the unbreakable obligation of marriage. Since the antiquated Egyptian and Roman societies trust that a vein kept running from the tip of that finger straight to the heart, the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Verifiably a wedding ring is an image of affection, so in the event that you make your wedding band designby yourself, you can add your own history to this uncommon service happens on earth. It is safe to say that you are with me in this way? How about we have a Quick recap

1. It would be better on the off chance that you begin the wedding band configuration handle no less than six months before the wedding. Amid this time you can guarantee you’re self to arrange and make your best wedding bands. Attempt to visit gems stores, look mold magazines and marriage, check the on line gems locales.

2. The cost of wedding ring vacillates altogether. It relies on upon the metals, which you set your ring and the valuable stone that you set in your ring. Cost on pearls relies on upon carat, clarity, shading, cut and the sort of diamond. Precious stones are the most costly one. In the event that you need the most agreeable spending plan, pick gold. Its numerous carats and hues make its reachable.

3. Make your wedding band configuration by going by their wedding band sites, blend and match stone and style that suit for your style. Find out about the financial plan and the accessible sorts of settings before you visit the sellers.

4. Look at on merchants. Investigate the specialists, which have extraordinary track records and keep in mind to get a few referrals from the merchants before you make buys with a specific end goal to get the best wedding band outline.

Cash for Gold – What You Need To Know

Is it true that you are in critical need of money? It is safe to say that you are searching for a choice other than taking a credit from bank or other cash loan specialist? On the off chance that your answer is “yes”, trade for gold out Bensenville IL, is the ideal choice. Utilizing gold coins or gold jewelery is one approach to gain cash. While very few individuals know, offering the valuable bits of jewelery for fast cash is very famous nowadays.

Independent of the sort of gold you have, it is one of the best hotspots for cool money. Among various types of gold, purchasing jewelery trimmings is the best kind of speculation. You can wear jewelery on vital events, as well as offer/contract it to produce speedy money. While anticipating offer gold jewelery pieces, you should guarantee that you play it safe to perform necessities to get greatest measure of cash. In the event that you need to abstain from being come up short on, you ought to be astute in making every one of your exchanges.

At the point when anticipating get trade for gold out Bensenville IL, you have to consider the immaculateness of gold. In any case, the immaculateness of gold is a vital thought. On the off chance that you are wanting to offer the jewelery, do recollect to check the karat stamp. On the off chance that the karat stamp is available, it implies that the jewelery is made of genuine gold. While 24K is the purest type of gold, 18K and 10K implies that it is 75% or 41.7% gold/immaculate individually. To make things basic, the immaculateness of gold can be dictated by partitioning the karat stamp by 24. Keep in mind, the purer the gold, more measure of cash can be profited.

Choose Your Dream Wedding Cake

A standout amongst the most critical parts of the wedding gathering is the wedding cake. It is the focal point of consideration in the corridor, and everybody loves to “ooh and ahh” at it. Nobody leaves the wedding before they see the wedding cake cut, and you will see your cake in many wedding photographs that will be kept for what’s to come. Ensure that you picked the best wedding cake for your unique wedding.

To help you pick the best cake for your wedding, you ought to think about the accompanying perspectives. Firstly, you ought to consider how enormous you need your wedding cake. It ought to be sufficiently enormous to oblige the greater part of the visitors on your rundown, and possibly more on the off chance that you wish to spare cake for individuals who couldn’t go to. This ought to influence the quantity of layers and the extent of the cake. The state of the cake is likewise critical. You can get as innovative as you need with the shape, however the conventional shape is round. Keep in mind that round or square cakes are effortlessly cut and it makes serving less demanding.

Next, you ought to consider what plan you will use on your cake. There are many outlines accessible, and in the event that you go to a pastry kitchen they will have an entire book of conceivable plans. You can look over the outlines at your neighborhood bread shop, or you can get a drawing of what configuration you’d like and inquire as to whether they could do that. Keep in mind that the more convoluted the plan of the cake, the all the more exorbitant it will be. Generally, the shade of the cake is white. In any case, these days, you can pick any shading that you need. It regards coordinate the cake to the shading plan of the wedding. Cake toppers additionally are a thought for the outline of the cake.

Since this is a wedding cake you will need to consider what it will possess a flavor like. Cakes are intended to be eaten and took a gander at, so attempt and make it delectable. You can have a taste testing at a pastry kitchen. You can pick diverse flavors, anything that interests to you. For instance, chocolate, lemon, orange, carrot, and banana are great flavors. You can likewise have a cake that has distinctive flavors in each layer. For between the layers you may have the decision of chocolate ganache or other enhanced fillings. Crisp foods grown from the ground jelly are dependably an appreciated expansion to almost any cake.

Choose Your Wedding Cake Design According to your Wedding Theme

Sooner or later of time, wedding cakes used to be rich, immaculate white cakes adorned with impeccable outlines. Presently it is about how unprecedented you’re wedding cake configuration is, running from adorable to insane. Gone are those occasions when wedding cakes implied layered cakes. Nowadays, wedding cakes sit magnificently, two feet high, at the focal point of the corridor where the visitor can expand at it. Selecting the ideal wedding cake is not that straightforward. The lady of the hour and prep to-be calmly sit through cake tasting and choose whether it will be a simple chocolate cake or a multi seasoned one.

Many people are paying wedding organizers to compose themed wedding nowadays. As needs be, the wedding cake configuration is chosen by the lady of the hour and prep to-be. In this way, in the event that you are arranging your wedding, know whether you need a conventional wedding or a themed wedding. In any case, more critically, know whether your spending will permit a major wedding or a little one. Reasonably go for the best cheesecake in Dubai or get a favor however simple chocolate cake. On the off chance that you need you can join the two to frame an astounding four level wedding cake.

Every one of us need our unique day to be no not exactly an illustrious occasion. In any case, now and then going over spending plan is not an insightful thing to do. Enormous weddings mean excessive wedding cake configuration, passing by the eliteness. In the event that you have the financial backing, simply ahead and spend the entire of it. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t, there are ways you can have a little yet wonderful wedding. Most fundamental is that you have your accomplice alongside you at the function. Next is your stunning wedding dress which presumably you have effectively settled on or purchased. Leave the providing food and enrichment to your loved ones. You have to believe their judgment; they would not frustrate you.

Wedding Cake Toppers Choosing Guide

Many couples don’t understand the significance of wedding toppers. Presently let me clarify why cake toppers are so huge. Certainly you will take loads of photographs in your wedding. They will be an incredible memory quite a long while after the function. Simply envision a tiny bit, 20 years after your service, one day you and your life partner are getting a charge out of those photographs evaluating the ideal day of your life, all of a sudden you discover the wedding cake toppers is so tasteless to be the foundation of your photographs. Would it be an incredible lament? Presently do despite everything you think wedding toppers are unimportant? After you comprehend the significance, how to pick the correct cake toppers?

These days love birds are no longer limited by the traditions and conventions; they needn’t experience the ill effects of obsolete little, plastic dolls to decorate the highest points of their cakes. More unique styles wedding cake toppers discharge, ladies and grooms have more decision to pick the correct toppers.

Firstly focus on the span of cake, especially the top level or wherever you anticipate showing the topper. You would prefer not to experience the humiliating thing that the topper doesn’t fit your cake well, correct?

Investigate those current items in the market, get a general thought regarding your topper then thoroughly consider the style you cherish. Do you have some extraordinary side interests or one of a kind interests you could include into your wedding? For instance, in the event that you an immense hockey fan, why not have the dolls wearing the pullover of your most loved group? Then again, perhaps you adore your pets in particular, why not consolidate them by means of the type of cake toppers?